Frequently Asked Questions

How do your services differ from other available services?

Unlike traditional counselling which is mainly ‘reflective’ and ‘client directed ‘ our service provides  ‘tools and insights’ to identify and uncover misbeliefs that hinder our progress and impact on our relationships. As the earliest beliefs are the strongest when we fail to ‘individuate’ and continue to live our adult lives from childhood conclusions they have the power to ultimately sabotage our potential and the success of all our adult relationships.

How can you help us?

By facilitating sessions where clients become aware of how transformation and change can happen with the appropriate insights supported by follow-up notes that can help bring clarity around presenting issues.

Are you able to work with seriously dysfunctional situations?

Yes most definitely. As all human families are dysfunctional to some degree or another; the journey to self-awareness where blame-shifting and victimhood does not become our only option is a common challenge for most people. In the same way that one cannot do their own dentistry or heart surgery; new insights beyond our own life’s perspective are always needed in order to heal wounded and fractured lives.