We’ve had the privilege of receiving guidance and coaching from Jenny since the early days of our relationship, and continue to maintain regular visit for our relationship “warrant of fitness”. Her knowledge and wisdom have helped us through various obstacles of merging two lives, cultures, and families, and we’re confident that the tools we’ve received from our sessions have always proved useful and encouraging. We could not recommend her strongly enough!

Solly and Leslie Love

Thank you for your counselling sessions and for helping me and giving me the tools to better address myself and debrief my childhood. I feel a change from the old me in having read through the insights you have provided over the past few weeks. The messages you have put in there have opened my mind up to how I have viewed myself in the past and how I handle myself going forward.

Joshua O.

Hi Jenny it’s been a few years since we’ve seen you but I want you to know your sessions with us really were a life saver and saved our marriage. Just thought you may be wondering how it all turned out with us. Thankyou!

Olivia M.

Strengthsfinders coaching has helped me understand why I do what I do in the way I do it! Thanks for helping me to understand how to develop raw talent into mature strength and how to dial up and dial down my dominant talents to become the best version of me.

Rachel F.

Just to thank you for all of your help. It means everything to know I can have a future that is not defined by the past.

John B.

Thanks for sharing your expertise and heart with us. We have appreciated your ability to speak the truth with love and for the tools you gave us will help is in our ministries across NZ, Fiji, Tonga, Australian and PNG.

From the Sole Officers of the Salvation Army

Thankyou for your help and wisdom when I needed it the most.

Sheena H.

Thanks for your help with our Team Coaching. It’s helped us to operate in a more effective and efficient way and to honour one another’s differences.

Karen T.

Thank you for your support and commitment to us as a couple. So grateful for the notes which are ‘gold’.

Robyn B.

We so appreciated your input on Sunday. You did a great job! Sorry there was not more time to fit in all of the excellent material!

Cath H.

Thanks Jenny for all the work you have put in to formatting these personal insights. I do appreciate it. They have been a great help so far ... I am feeling encouraged .. had hit an all time low as far as hope goes for making a breakthrough.

Robyn B-B.

Thanks so much for organising to see us at short notice - it was a huge help and we both left with a heap of thinking to do. Things have improved a lot since, so thankyou! We still obviously have a lot to do, but at least we can discuss it now.

Heather R.

Hi Jenny. Thanks so much for all your help and advice I definitely have made another shift and I now know what I need to do to get to where I want to be. I'll definitely come and see you again at some point when I come back to Christchurch. Thanks again

Nicole C.